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Macedonia LA Music and Worship Arts Department

“…we seek to equip and empower those who have a great desire to share their talents and gifts. We endeavor to work together in unity to create an experience that leads people into the presence of God with worship that glorifies God and inspires people.”

Macedonia Music and Worship Arts Department consists of a combination of voices and talents from our church members; our mission is to lead the body of Christ into the intimate presence of the Lord through fine arts such as music, dance, audio/visual, and theatre. This ministry serves MBC by providing music and worship arts for all worship experiences. MBC Musical Director - Tony Hardy. For more information on any of our areas, how to join, or audition times, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Macedonia Baptist Church Praise and Worship Team

MBC Praise and Worship team is especially designed to lead the congregation into presence of our Lord and Savior. We recognize our role of going before our Pastor to prepare the way and leading the congregation into the presence of the Lord. Our mission is to lead people to God; proclaiming his greatness through song. Audition Only. Worship Leader - Ashely Guin-Hall. 



This ministry supports all MBC worship services, special events, and activities by providing equipment, personnel and logistics for sound, visuals, and production. CDs are available in the church lobby after the 10:00 a.m. worship experience. 


Chosen Choir is where the youth and young adults of Macedonia LA are able to evangelize and express their love for the Lord through music. It gives us the opportunity to be disciples for the Lord and encourage not only the members of Macedonia LA, but the youth and young adults in our surrounding community. Chosen ministers on 4th Sundays. Director - Jonathan Grier. 


Men of Macedonia LA:

This unique ministry comprised of men that are “…a living testimony” of the greatness of God, and sing praises of Christian love in Jesus’ name. The Men of Macedonia LA choir strives to set an example of male leadership in the church.  The Men of Macedonia LA minister on 3rd Sundays. Director - Oluranti (Ranti) Malone. 


VIP (Voices In Praise)

This ministry of men and women are committed to effective use of the ministry of music to enhance the corporate worship experience of MBC. They strive for excellence in communicating the “Good News” through a mixture of contemporary and traditional music. VIP ministers on 2nd Sundays. Director - Byron Smith. 


Inspirational Sanctuary Choir

This dynamic choir consists of adult women and men who inspire the MBC congregation by singing traditional songs of praise; songs that “we grew up on…” This ministry encompasses several genres including standard classical repertoire, spirituals, anthems, hymn, and gospel. The Inspirational Sanctuary Choir ministers on 1st Sundays.  Director - Jonathan Grier. 


Women of Macedonia:

This is a women-only choir whose mission is to glorify, praise, magnify, and edify our Lord as we sing, and praise God.  Worship lies at the heart, and as the foundation, of all we do. The Women of Macedonia LA minister on 5th Sundays. Director – Kay Kelly.

Mass Choir:

The MBC Mass Choir is a combination of all choirs. We strive to create a dynamic and perpetual atmosphere that allows the Holy Spirit to move freely within the worship service, and to reach and inspire those souls that are not saved. The Mass Choir ministers for special engagements and at the request of our Pastoral leadership. Director – Ashley Guin-Hall. 


Dance Ministry:

For Dancers of All Ages. The Macedonia LA Dance Ministry mission is to present our members as servants to the Lord through spiritual and well-choreographed expressive dance to worship music. We humbly offer our worship to many, but are always mindful that we are ultimately dancing for “An audience of One”.  The Dance Ministry ministers for special engagements and at the request of our Pastoral leadership. Leader - Airebell Odom. 


Drama Ministry:

MBC Drama Ministry represents the Word of God in “action” and is built on the foundation of God's Word. We present the gospel message through the creative gifts of drama and visual arts, with several performances throughout the calendar year. Within every presentation lies a message and a purpose. Therefore, it is our mission that this message would be understood and received through the creative arts by the power of the Holy Spirit. Drama Ministry ministers for special engagements and at the request of our Pastoral leadership.  Leader - Lynda Sandoz.