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The Children’s Ministry at Macedonia Baptist Church exists to lead children 0 to 12 to glorify God in their lives.  Our teachings are grounded in biblical principles for children to develop an indestructible relationship with Christ to keep them grounded and safe spiritually, physically and emotionally in this uncertain world. 

We value the individual child and acknowledge that each as a God-given gift. It is through the image of the child we create a ministry that reaches them through art, music and dance.  Age-appropriate and engaging experiences are provided that teach bible lessons and skills to use throughout their lives.

Children’s Ministry Opportunities

Sunday School

Sunday (8:30am – 9:45am)

Small Groups

Infant/Toddler 0 to 2 years
Preschool - 3 to 5 years
Early Elementary - 6 to 8 years
Elementary - 9 to 12 years

Children’s Church

Sunday (10:00am Service)
Children’s Choir
Children’s Dance Ministry
Children’s Ushers
Community Evangelism and Activities


Macedonia Community Development Corporation (MCDC) is committed to transforming the Watts community from the fringes of marginalization into a vibrant, healthy community of productive citizens.  Our mission is to inspire, support and empower the people of the Watts community by identifying and addressing disparities in education, mental health, and economic opportunity.

Operating under the three pillars of community engagement, MCDC will focus on providing programs that address mental health, physical health and financial health.

To that end, MCDC will aim to provide educationally enriched programs for children, financial literacy programs for adults and form partnerships with public and private entities for the benefit of the Watts community at large.